Information and facts about Prednisone

Prednisone should be taken exactly as prescribed by a doctor. The medication should not be used in larger or smaller amounts or for a longer period than written on a prescription label.

A doctor may change the dosage or the way of administrating Prednisone to reach better results. A patient should not change the dosage or the way of taking Prednisone without consulting a doctor.

Prednisone should be taken with food if it upsets a patient’s stomach.

A patient should tell a doctor about any condition that he or she experiences as a doctor may need to adjust the dosage of Prednisone needed. The dosage depends on a patient’s condition, whether he or she is stressed as a result of a serious illness or if a patient has had a surgery or a medical emergency recently.

A patient may have unusual results of medical tests if he or she takes Prednisone. A patient should tell a doctor about the fact of taking Prednisone to any doctor before undergoing any medical tests or some treatment course.

Prednisone in its liquid form should be measured with a special measuring device, a measuring spoon or a medicine cup, but not with the help of a regular table spoon. If a patient does not have a special dose-measuring device he or she should ask a pharmacist for one.

A person may have withdrawal symptoms after a long-term use of Prednisone, thus, a patient should not stop using the medication suddenly or without consulting a doctor. A patient taking Prednisone should wear a medical alert tag or carry an ID card saying that he or she uses Prednisone for any doctor to be aware that the patient takes Prednisone as some treatment may consider Prednisone as a contraindication.

A patient should take a missed dose of Prednisone as soon as possible but a double dose of the drug should not be taken to take up the missed dose of the drug.

A patient taking Prednisone should avoid contacting infected or sick people. A patient should consult a doctor on taking preventive measures for chicken pox and measles. These conditions are very serious and may be fatal, especially in individuals taking steroids.

A patient using Prednisone should not receive a “live” vaccine. The vaccine may not work adequately and may not fully protect a patient from disease if being received while taking Prednisone.