Prednisone and pregnancy

  1. What is a drug called prednisone?
  2. How safe is it for the health of future mother and the fetus?
  3. Can you use Prednisone while lactation?

The answers to these and many other issues you’ll find right now.

To begin, we note that Prednisone belongs to the category glucocorticosteroid medications. Depending on the available pathology Prednisone can have both high and very powerful force of impact. Prednisolone is used in the struggle not just with large and with lots of different kinds of diseases.

This pharmaceutical agent has found wide application in various branches of medicine. This is dermatology and neurology, ophthalmology and pediatrics, and others. As for the disease, Prednisolone is able to treat arthritis, dermatomyositis, scleroderma, asthma, hepatitis, dermatitis, leukemia and so on and so forth. Despite the fact that the drug has earned the recognition of millions of doctors, they do not recommend it for pregnant women.

The only exceptions are those cases where the intended benefits to the mother outweigh the potential risk to the fetus. And such cases actually exist, and quite often. It’s not a secret that some diseases may be much more dangerous than any drug. If you look at “face it” is still a negative effect of prednisone on a fetus are not clinically proven.

Studies using this preparation were carried out only on pregnant animals. According to the research it was shown that Prednisone causes placental insufficiency and growth retardation of the fetus. Quite often, the use of prednisone during pregnancy and lead to miscarriage. In fact, Prednisone can be dangerous for both mother and for her future child needs to know every pregnant woman. This information you must inform your doctor.

When it comes to the application or of refusal of Prednisone, the last word is always by you. If you decide to take prednisone, then the doctor would be obliged to agree with you. Prednisone is not desirable to accept during lactation.

The fact that the components present in the composition of the remedy can easily and quickly get into breast milk. As a result, it is possible to delay the growth of the baby or the development of certain kidney problems and adrenal glands. Try to follow all instructions of a specialist, if you want your baby was born not only beautiful but also healthy.